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MARK.SPACE is an alternative reality, available in any browser, without pre-installation and registration. This platform is compatible with any VR-headset - entire world comprising shops, offices, banks, cinemas, clubs, communities of interest and personal spaces.

Technically, MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet: compatible websites that, on the one hand are independent (since they have their own domain) and on the other are united by a common transaction and accounting system on the Blockchain and a global search engine. In addition, any user can visit the 3D / VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) spaces inside the universe MARK.SPACE for free.

Units are the foundation of the MARK.SPACE universe - virtual real estates with an open source address. The register of property accounting for each unit is maintained on the Blockchain, which ensures the security of personal data. Units may be sold or leased to other users through smart contracts.

With an audience exceeding 3 bln people, they are the main channel for communication and consuming content. Thanks to the visual capabilities of 3D / VR and powerful platform communication tools (p2p voice communication, interactivity of units in ecosystem, multithreaded broadcasts), the social virtual life of MARK.SPACE will be very similar to the ideal real life of its users.


The demand for the virtualization of commercial projects is too difficult to implement at the moment. In terms of costs and the creation of virtual stores, merging such projects is out of the question.

We have built a platform that allows anyone to create and design commercial VR-spaces without the need to know even the basics of coding and 3D modeling.


Never again will distance be an issue for visiting a museum or art-gallery. Being in New York, you are just one click away from visiting the National Gallery in London, the same way you would experience it in real life.

You can create your own unique interior, stylize it the way you like and invite your friends for a visit!
Celebrity Apartments;
My apartment - show my friends how I live (would like to live).

Those who prefer offline purchases will soon change their mind, because buying stuff on the Internet will become easier than ever. You will save precious time visiting brick and mortar shops, while still enjoying the same shopping experience.

Business communication has never been so productive. You now can communicate with partners from all locations, as well as if they were with you in the same room, saving time and money.

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  • auto business

  • restaurant business

  • gaming business

  • shopping

  • 18+

  • Movie & Entertainment

  • Presentations

  • Casino




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